Find the right prices for every model
Screen Compatible = Non-original screen and glass. 
Screen Refurbished = Original screen, Glass not original. 
Screen Original = All-original screen from Apple.
iPhoneScreen CompatibleScreen RefurbishedScreen OriginalOthers
iPhone 15€179n/a€329All prices
iPhone 15 Pro€329n/a€439All prices
iPhone 15 Pro Maxn/an/a€499All prices
iPhone 15 Plus€169n/a€469All prices
iPhone 14€99€169€209All prices
iPhone 14 Pro€209n/a€409All prices
iPhone 14 Pro Max€199n/a€449All prices
iPhone 14 Plus€119n/a€269All prices
iPhone 13€109n/a€189All prices
iPhone 13 Pro€179n/a€349All prices
iPhone 13 Pro Max€199n/a€399All prices
iPhone 13 mini€99€209€259All prices
iPhone 12€89n/a€159All prices
iPhone 12 Pro€89n/a€159All prices
iPhone 12 Pro Max€99n/a€239All prices
iPhone 12 Mini€99n/a€189All prices
iPhone 11€79n/a€109All prices
iPhone 11 Pro€79€109€149All prices
iPhone 11 Pro Max€99n/a€169All prices
iPhone XS€79€119€159All prices
iPhone XS Max€89€109 (actie)€169All prices
iPhone X€79n/a€139All prices
iPhone XR€79n/a€109All prices
iPhone SE 2022n/a€69€99All prices
iPhone SE 2020n/a€69€99All prices
iPhone 8n/a€69€99All prices
iPhone 8 Plus€59€89€109All prices
iPhone 7 (SALE)n/a€59n/aAll prices
iPhone 7 Plus (SALE)n/a€59€89All prices
iPad ProScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)€329€99€99All prices
iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)€229€99€99All prices
iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)€229€99€99All prices
iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)€439€99€99All prices
iPad Pro 12.9 (2015)€149 (actie)€99€99All prices
iPad Pro 11 (2021)€259€99€89All prices
iPad Pro 11 (2020)€229€99€99All prices
iPad Pro 11 (2018)€219€99€99All prices
iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)€189€89€99All prices
iPad Pro 9.7 (2016)€129 (SALE)€89€89All prices
iPad AirScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
iPad Air 4 (2020)€189€89€119All prices
iPad Air 3 (2019)€169€79€79All prices
iPad MiniScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
iPad Mini 6 (2021)n/a€99€99All prices
iPad Mini 5 (2019)€179€79€79All prices
iPad Mini 4 (2015)€169€69€79All prices
iPadTouch/GlassBatteryCharging PortOthers
iPad 10.2 (2021)€109€79€79All prices
iPad 10.2 (2020)€89€79€79All prices
iPad 10.2 (2019)€89€79n/aAll prices
iPad 9.7 (2018)€79€79€79All prices
iPad 9.7 (Air&2017)€69€69€79All prices
Serie 8 (41mm)€309n/aAll prices
Serie 8 (45mm)€319n/aAll prices
Serie 7 (41mm)€139n/aAll prices
Serie 7 (45mm)€149n/aAll prices
Serie 6 (40mm)€129n/aAll prices
Serie 6 (44mm)€159n/aAll prices
Serie 5 (40mm)€149€69All prices
Serie 5 (44mm)€179€69All prices
Serie 4 (40mm)€119€69All prices
Serie 4 (44mm)€179€69All prices
All our Samsung parts are completely original and supplied directly by Samsung
Prices are based on the color screen we have in stock in the store
If 2 prices are displayed, the first is always a used or refurbished screen. The 2nd prize is completely original and new!
Galaxy SScreenBatteryBack CoverOthers
Galaxy S24€179€69€59All prices
Galaxy S24+€209€69€59All prices
Galaxy S24 Ultra€249€69€69All prices
Galaxy S23€149-199€59€59All prices
Galaxy S23+€209€69€59All prices
Galaxy S23 Ultran/a€69€69All prices
Galaxy S22€149-199€59€59All prices
Galaxy S22+€199€69€59All prices
Galaxy S22 Ultra€289€69€69All prices
Galaxy S21 FE€119-169€59€39All prices
Galaxy S21€199€59€49All prices
Galaxy S21+€209€59€69All prices
Galaxy S21 Ultran/a€59€69All prices
Galaxy S20€179-239€59€59All prices
Galaxy S20+€229€59€59All prices
Galaxy S20 Ultra€199-259€59€59All prices
Galaxy S20 FE€159€59€49All prices
Galaxy NoteScreenBatteryBack CoverOthers
Galaxy Note 20€169 (actie)€59€49All prices
Galaxy Note 10 Lite€159 (actie)€59€49All prices
Galaxy AScreenBatteryBack CoverOthers
Galaxy A73€129n/an/aAll prices
Galaxy A72€129€59€49All prices
Galaxy A71€149€59€39All prices
Galaxy A55€129€59€49All prices
Galaxy A54€129€59€49All prices
Galaxy A53€119-169€59€49All prices
Galaxy A52€129€59€49All prices
Galaxy A51€119€59€49All prices
Galaxy A42€109€59€39All prices
Galaxy A34€129€59€39All prices
Galaxy A33€139€59€39All prices
Galaxy A23€109€59€39All prices
Galaxy MScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
Galaxy M51€149€59€59All prices
Galaxy XScreenTouch/GlassBatteryOthers
Galaxy X Cover Pro€109n/a€69All prices
Galaxy X cover 4€59€59€29All prices
Galaxy X Cover 3€59€59€29All prices
All our Huawei parts are completely original and supplied directly by Huawei
Most Huawei screens are supplied with the original battery!
Prices are based on the color screen we have in stock in the store
If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us!
Huawei PScreenBatteryBack CoverOthers
P40€149€49€59All prices
P40 Pro€349€59€59All prices
P40 Lite€89€49€39All prices
P30€109€49€49All prices
P30 Pro€229€59€69All prices
P30 Liten/a€49€39All prices
P20€109€49€39All prices
P20 Pro€179€49€59All prices
P20 Lite€99€49€39All prices
Huawei MateScreenBatteryBack CoverOthers
Mate 20€149€49€49All prices
Mate 20 Pron/a€49€59All prices
Mate 20 Lite€99€49€39All prices
All our Xiaomi parts are completely original and supplied directly by Xiaomi
Prices are based on the color screen we have in stock in the store
If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us!
Xiaomi MiScreen RefurbishedScreen OriginalBatteryOthers
Xiaomi 12Tn/a€199n/aAll prices
Xiaomi 12T Pron/a€189n/aAll prices
Xiaomi 12€139€189€69All prices
Xiaomi 12 Pron/a€239n/aAll prices
Xiaomi 12 Liten/a€139n/aAll prices
Xiaomi 12X 5Gn/a€169n/aAll prices
Mi 11n/a€249€69All prices
Mi 11 Ultran/a€309€69All prices
Mi 11 Pron/a€169n/aAll prices
Mi 11 Lite 5Gn/a€139€69All prices
Mi 10€119€199€59All prices
Mi 10 Pro€119€209€69All prices
Mi 10 Lite 5Gn/a€139€59All prices
Mi 10T€89€139€59All prices
Mi 10T Pro€89€139€59All prices
Mi Note 10€89€129€59All prices
Mi Note 10 Pro€109€169€59All prices
Mi Note 10 Lite€109n/a€69All prices
Mi 9tn/a€149€49All prices
Mi 9t Pron/a€149€59All prices
Mi 9€109€149€49All prices
Mi 9 SE€119€149€59All prices
Mi 8n/a€109€49All prices
Mi 8 Pron/a€109n/aAll prices
Mi 8 Liten/a€89€49All prices
Mi A3n/a€99€49All prices
Mi A2n/a€89€49All prices
Xiaomi RedmiScreen RefurbishedScreen OriginalBatteryOthers
Redmi Note 10 (5G)€79€129€59All prices
Redmi Note 10n/a€139€59All prices
Redmi Note 10 Pron/an/a€59All prices
Redmi Note 10s€89€139€59All prices
Redmi Note 9n/a€89€49All prices
Redmi Note 9 Pro€69€99€59All prices
Redmi Note 9s€79€99€49All prices
Redmi Note 8n/a€89€49All prices
Redmi Note 8 Pro€79€99€49All prices
Redmi Note 8T€79€99€59All prices
Redmi Note 7€79€99€49All prices
Redmi Note 6 Pron/a€69€49All prices
Xiaomi PocoScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
Poco F4€159€59€59All prices
Poco F3€139€59€59All prices
Poco F2 Pro€99-159€59€59All prices
Poco X3€109€59€49All prices
Poco X3 Pro€109€59€49All prices
Poco M3€69-99€59€49All prices
Poco M3 Pro€99€59€49All prices
All our Google parts are completely original and supplied directly by Google
Google PixelScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
Pixel 8€199n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 8 Pro€319n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 7€189€99n/aAll prices
Pixel 7 Pro€339n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 7a€169n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 6€189n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 6 Pro€339n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 6a€159€99n/aAll prices
Pixel 5€229n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 5a€169n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 4€99-159€59€59All prices
Pixel 4 XL€99*€59€59All prices
Pixel 4a (5G)€139€79€79All prices
Pixel 4a€149n/an/aAll prices
Pixel 3€129€59€59All prices
Pixel 3 XL€159€59€59All prices
Pixel 3a€139€79€79All prices
Pixel 3a XL€149€79€89All prices
All our OnePlus parts are completely original. 
except Refurbished screens
If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us!
OnePlusScreen OriginalScreen RefurbishedBatteryOthers
OnePlus 9€329€169€69All prices
OnePlus 9 Pro€359€219€79All prices
OnePlus 8n/a€139€69All prices
OnePlus 8 Pro€379€289€69All prices
OnePlus 8T€279€179€79All prices
OnePlus 7€209€119n/aAll prices
OnePlus 7 Pro€309€199€79All prices
OnePlus 7T€229n/a€69All prices
OnePlus 7T Pron/a€229n/aAll prices
All our Nokia parts are completely original and supplied directly by Nokia
If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us!
NokiaScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
Nokia 9 PureView€169-229€59€69All prices
Nokia 8.3€89€59n/aAll prices
Nokia 7.2€79€49€49All prices
Nokia 7.1€59€49€49All prices
Nokia 7 Plus€69€69€69All prices
Nokia 2.3€79n/an/aAll prices
All our Sony parts are completely original and supplied directly by Sony
If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us!
Xperia OverigeScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
Xperia 10 IV€189€59n/aAll prices
Xperia 10 III€169€59€59All prices
Xperia 10 II€149€69€59All prices
Xperia 10€69€69€69All prices
Xperia 10 Plus€79€69€69All prices
Xperia 5 III€279€59€69All prices
Xperia 5 II€269€69n/aAll prices
Xperia 5€139-269€59n/aAll prices
Xperia 1 IV€429€79€69All prices
Xperia 1 III€389€69€59All prices
Xperia 1 II€379€69€59All prices
Xperia 1€239€59n/aAll prices
Xperia Pro-I€389€69€69All prices
All our Motorola parts are completely original and supplied directly by Motorola
If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us!
MotoScreenBatteryCharging PortOthers
Moto Edge 30€129€59€59All prices
Moto Edge 30 Pro€149€69€59All prices
Moto Edge 30 Ultra€169n/a€69All prices
Moto Edge 20€149€59€59All prices
Moto Edge 20 Pro€139 (actie)€59€59All prices
Moto Edge 20 Lite€119€59€59All prices
Moto Edge€229€59€59All prices
Moto Edge Plus€259€69€69All prices
Moto G200€119€59€49All prices
Moto G100n/a€59€49All prices
Moto G71€109€59€49All prices
Moto G60€99n/a€49All prices
Moto G60s€99€59€49All prices
Moto G52€109€59€49All prices
Moto G51€99n/a€49All prices
Moto G50€69 (actie)€49€49All prices
Moto G42€119n/a€59All prices
Moto G41€109€59€49All prices
Moto G31€109€59€49All prices
Moto G30€99€49€49All prices
Moto G22€89€59€49All prices
Moto G20€99€49€39All prices
Moto G10€89€49€49All prices
Moto G 5G€99 (actie)€59€49All prices
Moto G 5G Plusn/a€59€59All prices
Moto G Pro€149€59€49All prices
Moto G9 Plus€109€59€49All prices
Moto G9 Power€89 (actie)€49€49All prices
Moto G9 Play€89€49€49All prices
Moto G8€69 (actie)€49€49All prices
Moto G8 Plus€109€49€49All prices
Moto G8 Power€79 (actie)€59€49All prices
Moto G8 Power Lite€89€59€49All prices
Moto G7n/a€69n/aAll prices
Moto G7 Plusn/a€69n/aAll prices
Moto One Zoom€129€69n/aAll prices
Moto One Vision€129€69€59All prices
Moto One Action€119€59€59All prices
Moto One Macro€89€59€59All prices
Moto One Hyper€89 (actie)€59€59All prices
All our Oppo parts are completely original and supplied directly by Oppo
except Refurbished screens
If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us!
Oppo A serieScreen OriginalScreen RefurbishedBatteryOthers
oppo A96€109€89€69All prices
Oppo A74 5G€149€89€59All prices
Oppo A74 4G€139n/a€69All prices
Oppo A73 5G€109€79€69All prices
Oppo A72€149€99€69All prices
Oppo A57n/a€79€69All prices
Oppo A54 5G€149€89€59All prices
Oppo A54s€139€79€69All prices
Oppo A53€89-139€79€59All prices
Oppo Find X serieScreen OriginalScreen RefurbishedBatteryOthers
Oppo Find X5€349€169€89All prices
Oppo Find X5 Pro€449€249€99All prices
Oppo Find X5 Lite€189n/a€89All prices
Oppo Find X3 Pro€429€249€99All prices
Oppo Find X3 Lite€179n/a€89All prices
Oppo Find X3 Neo€319€189€89All prices
Oppo Find X2 Pro€379€299€89All prices
Oppo Find X2 Lite€159n/a€69All prices
Oppo Find X2 Neo€269€179n/aAll prices
Oppo RenoScreen OriginalScreen RefurbishedBatteryOthers
Oppo Reno 8 (5G)€189n/a€79All prices
Oppo Reno 8 Pro 5G€279n/a€79All prices
Oppo Reno 8 Lite€189n/a€79All prices
Moto scherm€29 vanafAll prices
Nokia scherm€29 vanafAll prices
HTC scherm€49 vanafAll prices
LG scherm€39 vanafAll prices

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