<h2><span style=”font-size: 120%;”>Sony Xperia Repair</span></h2>
At Phone Repair Amsterdam you are at the right place for your Sony Xperia repair. Our services to fix your problems include:
<li>broken screens</li>
<li>broken glass</li>
<li>non-responsive displays/buttons</li>
<li>low-battery life</li>
<li>water damage</li>
<h2>Sony Xperia Service</h2>
How do we repair your phone?
<li>fast service</li>
<li>high-quality parts</li>
<li>original parts from the manufacturer</li>
<li>electrostatic discharge free workplace</li>
If you are looking for a quick and especially high quality Samsung Xperia Repair, you are at the right address at Phone Repair Amsterdam. At Phone Repair Amsterdam we fix your phone while you wait! Usually your phone is repaired within 30 minutes and that at a competitive price. Our prices can be found <strong><a href=”https://www.phonerepairamsterdam.nl/en/prices”>here</a></strong>
All prices can be found when clicking the appointment button at the bottom of this page. All prices include an all-in-service and a 12 month warranty.

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