Terms and Conditions – Repair Service

Our general terms and conditions are in accordance with the General Repair Conditions for consumer electronics established by law and the Consumer Association, and are applicable in cases where Phone Repair Amsterdam acts as a repairer of consumer electronics.


Repairs are based on the complaints described on the receipt.


The price of the repair is determined solely based on the number of labor hours, the costs of the materials used, and any shipping costs, all inclusive of VAT.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, repairs will be carried out using new parts or, if customary for such a device, exchange parts. Repairs will be performed in such a way that the device fully complies with legal safety regulations.

After the repair, the customer will receive an invoice with a brief description of the work performed and replaced parts.


Phone Repair Amsterdam is NOT liable for:

1. Loss of SIM and/or SD cards still present in the device.
2. Loss of data on the device.
3. The expiration of any other warranties on the device, such as the manufacturer’s warranty.
4. The water resistance of a device after repair or inspection.


Phone Repair Amsterdam is aware that your data is important to you. Therefore, we make every effort to preserve your data as much as possible. There is always a risk of data loss during maintenance or repair. It is your responsibility to back up your data before offering the device for service. Phone Repair Amsterdam is not responsible for the loss, recovery, or compromise of data, software, or apps, or the loss of use of your device or other equipment resulting from the services provided by Phone Repair Amsterdam.


After completing the repair, Phone Repair Amsterdam provides a 12-month warranty on the replaced part (excluding batteries). We offer a 3-month warranty on charging points (Dock). This warranty period starts from the moment the product is handed over to the customer.

No warranty is provided for repairs to products with lightning, water, or moisture damage unless expressly stated otherwise on the repair receipt.

Repairs to a refurbished device or a device repaired by third parties are entirely at your own risk. Repairs to a device with moisture or other damage are also entirely at your own risk. No warranty is provided for devices offered with moisture or other damage, whether known beforehand or discovered during the repair. All other damage to the device that becomes visible after the repair is entirely at your own risk. Phone Repair Amsterdam is not liable for any other damage to the device.

Water-resistant devices may be less or more water-resistant after repair or inspection. Phone Repair Amsterdam is not liable for any moisture or water damage that occurs after inspection, repair, or replacement. The warranty applies to the functionality of the component, not the method of assembly and/or repair. In the case of water-resistant devices, Phone Repair Amsterdam is not liable for damage caused by moisture after repair.

Unusable Devices

Phone Repair Amsterdam has separate conditions for repairs to devices that are unusable or contain other damage upon intake.

Your device is considered unusable if:

– The device is not or only partially accessible.
– The device cannot be tested for all functions.

For unusable devices, the warranty is limited to the replaced part and its functionality. All other defects that become visible after the repair of an unusable device are not covered by the warranty, and Phone Repair Amsterdam is not liable for them.

No warranty is provided for devices with other damage. Examples of devices with other damage include:

– Devices with a bent frame or housing.
– Devices with poorly functioning parts (e.g., a swollen battery).
– Damage where the replaced part may be more sensitive than normal.


Phone Repair Amsterdam sends all devices insured via GLS Netherlands and charges a standard fee of €6.99 (shipments within the Netherlands). In the event of possible loss or damage during shipping, Phone Repair Amsterdam handles the matter with GLS and pays out the damage amount after GLS has processed and approved the claim.

Unclaimed Products

If a device is not collected after a period of three months from the date it is ready, Phone Repair Amsterdam will dispose of the device in an environmentally friendly manner.

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