Huawei Repair

You can contact Phone Repair Amsterdam for your Huawei repair if you suffer from, among other things:

  • Broken screen
  • Broken back cover
  • Display that no longer responds
  • button no longer works
  • battery that runs out quickly

Huawei Service

What do we offer?

  • quick service
  • best quality parts
  • original parts from the manufacturer
  • electrostatic discharge (ESD) free workplace

If you are looking for a fast and, above all, professional Huawei service in Amsterdam, then you have come to the right place at Phone Repair Amsterdam! At Phone Repair Amsterdam, your Huawei will be professionally repaired. Usually ready within 60 minutes and at a competitive price. You can find our prices on our website.

Why Phone Repair Amsterdam? Because, unlike most other repair companies in this field, we actually invest in our technology and in the training of our staff. We have years of experience repairing all kinds of mobile devices. This means that we certainly have the expertise to carry out repairs such as screen replacement, battery repairs, etc.

If your Huawei phone needs a screen repair, don’t worry anymore. Our expert team of professionally trained technicians work quickly so you won’t be without your Huawei for long! 


All prices can be found by clicking on the ‘prices’ button at the top of this page. The prices are all inclusive and with a 12 month warranty. This way you always know where you stand.

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